When it comes to tweeting, Twitter has some great apps to make it easy for you to update your page, make customizations… among many other things. Of course, with so many apps out there, how can you know which one is truly the best twitter app for you? Don’t wonder any longer!

7 Popular Twitter Apps To Make It Easier To Use The Social Media Website 

Twitterrific 5

This is, by far, the Iphone’s best Twitter apps. It’s a fairly old and established app that comes with an array of features that you’d want from a Twitter app. It says it’s free; however, some features of the app must be purchased for use. You’ll need to pay $1.99 to eliminate the ads and an additional $1.99 to use the push notifications.  If you fully unlock the app, you get support gestures that let you easily change from direct messages, mentions and the timeline.

Tweetbot 3

One of the best Twitter apps on the market is Tweetbot 3.  It costs $5 but offers a feature that makes it a worthwhile investment. The app has support for native push notifications and has a simple design. It offers for an array of services including but not limited to:

  • CloudApp
  • Droplr
  • Instapaper
  • Readability
  • Pocket

It can attach videos and photo and manage your lists among the many other things it can do to make your life simpler.

TweetCaster Pro

This app is loaded with customization options – themes, font size, tweet colors for people who mention your account, auto-refresh intervals, etc. And, with the pro version, you don’t have to deal with those bothersome ads that have popped on many Internet sites. Sure, TweetCaster Pro has got a cheesy logo at the top, but it runs smoothly and won’t crash on a regular basis. If you can afford $5 and you’re tired of those ads, it may be well worth the investment.

Osfoora 2

This is another wonderful iPhone Twitter app, which provides people with an array of features. On top of that, it’s got one of the best eye-appealing user interfaces available. It’s the kind of app that has features Twitter users are looking for like Tweet Market. It gives them the capability to share what music they’re listening to, tweet videos and images and has a gap detection for their mentions and timeline. And, of course, that’s not all!

It doesn’t, however, offer native push notifications support. And, if you’re looking for this from the app, you’re going to be disappointed. Still, don’t allow this missing keep you from using this ideal iPhone Twitter app.


This is a great Android Twitter app because it practically allows you to design your own Twitter app without the necessary of knowing the code.  It’s certainly the one-of-a-kind app that lets you do the following things:

  • Set your own background colors
  • Set up how tweets are shown
  • Arrange the typeface
  • Set up arrangements for images and animations

You can also make tweaks to the program by including a scroll slider, add a count for your unread tweets and change where the compose tweet button is located.

What’s even better about doing all this is that it can be done with the free app. Even if you didn’t use the customization options it comes with, Twidere is one of the best Android Twitter apps.


Unlike the previously mentioned Twitter apps, Tweet7 doesn’t provide an extensive amount of features. However, it does excel in design, more so than other apps. It’s got an exquisite user interface, is simple to use so tweeting is easy to do. Although it’s got a great-looking design, it does lack several key features seen in other apps – native push notifications, for example.


If you’re looking for a clean interface, Echofon may be what you’ve been searching for. With this app, you can easily look through your timeline with no distractions. It includes the native push notifications and, thanks to the tweet extender, users can send tweets that are more than 140 characters. Within the timeline, you can use hashtags and mute certain users.

Best of all, you even have the option for a quiet mode to mute all kinds of notifications in instances that you don’t want to be disturbed.