There are all kinds of Twitter tools that you can use. However, you may be confused by which one is the best to help manage your Twitter account.  It’s best for your business to take a look at what tools industry and social media experts are using.

Six Common Twitter Applications People Are Using To Get Noticed 


1 – Tweet Adder

This piece of software works to increase your Local Active Twitter Follower Network with people who are similar to you in various ways – for the goal of increasing your Twitter marketing efforts such as:

  • Autofollow
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Targeted twitter searches
  • Auto message
  • Proxy support
  • Twitter trends
  • Scheduled tweet

This social media tool is extremely useful and is regarded as the on platform that can assist you in increasing the amount of Twitter followers you have.



2 –

You may see as being only a URL shortening service right? Many people see it that way. However, it’s so much more than this. With a free account on, you attain access to a dashboard that allows you to shorten links and share them on various Twitter accounts.

It’ll also show you the stats for all links you’ve shared through the dashboard and plug the API key into Seesmic, Twitterfeed and Tweetdeck. This allows you to see stats for links shared via these applications too.

On top of that, you can make your own shortened domain to match your brand. This can be seen with Mashable, which has as well as Amazon with its amzn.


3 – Buffer 

One of the smarter ways to tweet is to use Buffer. The tool lets you set up a schedule so that your tweets go out when you want them to. You won’t overburden your followers with a whole bunch of tweets at one time. This tool will give you analytics about your tweets, letting you know what your audience loves and doesn’t love. It also will let you know the best times to send out your tweets based on the actions people are carrying out about your tweets.



4 – HootSuite 

This tool is extremely popular for many users when it comes to Twitter management, and it’s extremely popular with the social media exclusive. With the free HootSuite plan, you can have no more than five social profiles. However, the pro versions allows for unlimited social profiles along with superior analytics. The cost for this is reasonable at $5.99 a month.



5 – SocialOomp 
Another popular tool for Twitter is SocialOomph, which lets you set up a schedule for your tweets, keep an eye on the keywords, lengthen your Twitter profile and a host of other things… all for free. However, if you go for the professional version, which cost $29.97, you’ll see other features like:

  • Facebook scheduling
  • Permitting others to update through email
  • Tweets through email
  • Broadcast DMs to followers
  • Manage DM spam

And, for another $3.97, you can set up automation for people who follow you, sending them a welcome message.



6 – CoTweet

Another worthwhile marketing tool on Twitter is CoTweet, which is useful for businesses that look to engage, track and keep an eye on conversations about their product or brand. The free version of CoTweets lets people do another of things including but certainly not limited to:

  • Manage their Twitter accounts
  • Work together with other people
  • Keep an eye on clicks and limited analytics
  • Set up times for tweets to go out
  • Maintain a 30-day conversation history

If you can afford it, the enterprise version offers Salesforce integration, workgroups, complete analytics and advanced user roles and permissions. The cost for this version is $1,500 a month.


Keep in mind that these are just some of the various Twitter tools that can help you stand out amongst the crowd. Have you started using any of the above Twitter tools? Are there any you are using that has helped you get noticed? When you want to get noticed, any Twitter tools are better than no Twitter tools at all.